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DocCreator is an advanced documentation creator tool. It can be used to develop online documentation for any software product created with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 using C++ language. There are several documentation-making tools available on the market today, but only DocCreator from HHD Software provides the following features:
  • Powerful ability to work with keywords and links.
  • Special JavaScript script helping the visual representation of your documentation sample code.
  • Instant documentation skeleton construction.

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Flash Studio PRO features over 300 FSCommands and unmatched functionality including, DirectX, Joystick Support, Access and MySQL Database Connectivity, ActiveX, Remote Projector Access and much, much more! Flash Studio PRO will take your SWF file and compile a fully customizable projector (exe) or screensaver (scr) for royalty free distribution! Create real Win32 Applications from your Macromedia Flash Movies!

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Flashcast will record any on-screen activity and compile as an SWF, complete with mouse movements and clicks! Flashcast is the premiere tool with which to build tutorials, presentations, corporate training material and desktop screen captures!

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Reality Studio is a complete set of tools for multimedia designers who want to build compelling content that truly shows the quality of your products. It's easy to create photo-realistic, fully immersive experiences, such as 'walking through' a museum, zooming into product details, browsing an online store or viewing a realistic panorama of a travel destination.

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