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Product Information
DocCreator is an advanced documentation creator tool. It can be used to develop online documentation for any software product created with Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 using C++ language. There are several documentation-making tools available on the market today, but only DocCreator from HHD Software provides the following features:
  • Powerful ability to work with keywords and links.
  • Special JavaScript script helping the visual representation of your documentation sample code.
  • Instant documentation skeleton construction.

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  1. Compatible with Microsoft HTML Help model.
    HTML Help model is now widely used by many developers to represent their online documentation. This gives them an ability to compress documentation very well, incorporate graphics, java and VB scripts as long as any ActiveX object(s) and Java applets into the documentation and integrate it with online resources of the Internet.
  2. Source code-based template generation of the following elements:
    • Functions.
    • Structures.
    • Classes.
    • COM or COM-like Interfaces.
  3. Automatically provides the following information template for every kind of resource listed above:
    • Topic header (contains the name of the function/structure/class...).
    • Full-qualified name of the resource (for the functions or member functions the full scope containing name is included).
    • The original declaration of the resource. This includes the source-based declaration of the resource, its members (if it has ones), return type and so on.
    • Placeholder for descriptions of every sub-item of the resource (e.g. function parameters).
    • Placeholder for function return value.
    • If the resource is an interface, the list of the interface methods in v-table order is included with placeholders for short descriptions.
    • For classes and interfaces, the corresponding member function templates are automatically generated and links are tuned.
    • Example section where you can provide the sample code describing the use of the resource.
    • Quick Info, describing the include file and library file declaring and defining resource is provided automatically.
    • Topic K-keywords and A-keywords.
  4. Support for automatic addition of keywords to generated topic files.
  5. Powerful ability to work with links and keywords.
    Given a keyword list file, the DocCreator is able to walk through all of your source HTML files and correctly place links between them.
  6. Built-in JavaScript scripts, capable of syntax highlighting and displaying shortcuts for parameter descriptions.
    The source code insertions are automatically colored by the script provided with DocCreator. Each function or structure parameter automatically becomes a reference to the corresponding section of the topic file.
  7. MSDN integration
    MSDN Integrations allows you to browse your documentation in Visual Studio.

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