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Reality Studio 2.0 Box

Developer:isee Media Inc.
Category:>Multimedia & Design » Authoring Tools
Web Authoring » Authoring Tools
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Product Information
Reality Studio is a complete set of tools for multimedia designers who want to build compelling content that truly shows the quality of your products. It's easy to create photo-realistic, fully immersive experiences, such as 'walking through' a museum, zooming into product details, browsing an online store or viewing a realistic panorama of a travel destination.

More Information
Do you want your website to be as compelling and realistic as the real thing? Reality Studio lets you build Websites with interactive 3D objects, 360 Degree Panoramas, zoomable images, animation and more.

Create hotspots; add sound effects, animation or video. Reality Studio provides you with all the tools you need to indulge your site visitors in a truly multimedia, image-rich experience

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher or Windows XP
  • Computer: Pentium 33MHz (Pentium II or higher)
  • System Memory 85 MB hard disk space for minimal install; 200 MB for full install
  • Disk Space/Drive 265 MB RAM required
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5.0, or Netscape Navigator® 7.1, Netscape Communicator® 4.78
  • File Format Supported GIF, JPEG, BMP, MOV, AVI, FPX
  • Java Virtual Machine (available from CD-ROM), DirectX 9.0b (available from CD-ROM)
  • QuickTime® 6.3
  • Adobe Photoshop® 7.0 (required for the Plug-in Effects)

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