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Product Information
Is your internet community bogged down with spam email, spammed forums or hard to navigate pages? Community NewsTM publishes your local news in a spam-free, low bandwidth environment and helps create new local synergies.

Requires PHP 4.2.0 and mySQL 3.23.23 database, or higher, running on a web server. Apache web server (preferred) on Linux O/S is ok. Netscape 6.2 or Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher are supported.

More Information
Why use Community NewsTM?

  • create a vibrant, innovative news pipeline
  • connect your group together
  • exchange ideas and information
  • add high value interactivity to your website
  • push a clean clear low bandwidth RSS signal
  • syndicate - exponentially grow your news network
  • promote local interests and create new synergies

Tell me more ...

Publish news online with RSS breakthru technology. Create local communities with news and information.

Syndicate your news - increase readers. Benefit from the revolutionary low bandwidth, high signal aspect of an RSS newsfeed. Site owner controls content and newsfeed creation. Accept posts from any visitor. Post news draft copy system improves news item content prior to submission. Application tells you how many characters you have left for title, url, and description. Express PostTM (optional and included) gives revenue potential in exchange for faster publication of visitor submitted news. All submissions queued for manual approval. Point and click site owner control panel with: create news, edit news, view pending news, read published news, sql query, xfer item, pull item and BUILD RSS NEWSFEED. Update the newsfeed as often as you like. Includes Globalissa admin-Login-Only proven site owner authentication. System can be run with rudimentary point and click skills (after installation). It's not just another news system, it's your own RSS enabled news publication service with revenue potential. Installation by Globalissa.com is required and included in the purchase price. License supports unlimited newsfeeds on a single domain.

What are the features?

  • RSS breakthru technology
  • point and click user and site ower tools
  • site owner controls creation of all content
  • user draft copy system improves content of new posts
  • syndication tools included
  • optional paid Express PostTM
  • ... much more

Where can I see examples of Community NewsTM?



This offer is a pre-release sale.

Sale includes issuing a perpetual single domain license to run Community NewsTM forever on a domain (domain can be re-assigned anytime), plus includes free installation by Globalissa on or before April 7, 2004 on your web server.

MSRP US$ 199.95

Sale Price US$ 149.95

Pre-order now, save $50 dollars!

Easily add your own network news to your website. You or your visitors submit news to your news queue. You approve, edit or delete news with [optional and included] email notification to the submitter. Approved news appears when the site administrator clicks to build a new rss news file. Includes user and site administrator code. Customize your own .css file or header and footer. Application has settings for using your own organization names and labels. Return 'powered by' link required but may be waived for a nominal fee.

Package includes default free news posts, settings included for paid express posts, for fee label, currency symbol, plus Community NewsTM point and click control panel.


Community NewsTM is exclusively available from Globalissa. Pre-order now. We install directly onto your website by April 7, 2004. You save $50.00 off the MSRP.

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