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WebMail Spy 2.0

Developer:ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC
Category:>Utilities » Security & Encryption
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Product Information
WebMail Spy is the award-winning software package by ExploreAnywhere Software which will record all* web based e-mail! WebMail Spy records all of the web mail for services such as MSN HotMail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL WebMail, and many more! Other features include automatically filtering out e-mail, managing ruleset lists, an AutoUpdate feature, and more! WebMail Spy can also be configured to run in complete and total STEALTH mode! With WebMail Spy, you can easily moderate and view all web based e-mail that is viewed on your PC.

* Only for supported web mail clients which are viewed through Internet Explorer or AOL's internal web browser.

More Information
WebMail Can Discretely...

  • Secretly record web-based e-mail content.
  • Record America Online 8.0 E-Mail!
  • Red flag potentially inappropriate messages.
  • Run in total stealth mode!
  • Update its built in database with a single click!
  • ...and much, much more

WebMail Compatibility...

  • MSN HotMail
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • AOL WebMail
  • Excite Mail
  • ICQ Mail
  • Netscape Mail
  • MailStart
  • GO Mail
  • eKidz Mail
  • And More!

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