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Tracks Eraser

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Product Information
Tracks Eraser is designed to protect youself by erasing all traces of your past Internet activity. With only one click, it can automatically erase browser's cache, index.dat files,address bar, autocomplete momery, cookie, and run history, search history, open/save dialog box, temp files and more. Tracks Eraser can also remove the playlist of mediaplay,realplayer and QuickTime, and the recent files of Office,Winzip,Acrobat and more. The Homepage protection feature can protect your home page from being changed by website.

More Information
Erase History-Key Features Of  Track Eraser

  • Erase IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera's location bar history list

  • Erase IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera's Cookies

  • Erase Internet cache (temporary Internet files)

  • Erase Internet history files

  • Erase Internet search history

  • Erase autocomplete history

  • Erase IE plugins (selectable)

  • Clean index.dat file

  • Erase start menu run history

  • Erase start menu search history

  • Erase windows temp files

  • Erase open/save dialog box history

  • Empty recycle bin

  • Erase Realplayer playlist history

  • Erase Media Player playlist history

  • Erase QuickTime playlist history

  • Erase Microsoft Office recent files list

  • Erase Winzip recent extract files list

  • Erase Acrobat recent files list


 Tracks Eraser other great features includes:

  • Homepage Protection prevent the websites from modifying your homepage

  • Boss Key you can hide the opened browser's windows when other come in

  • Free up valuable hard-drive space it can free up a lot of disk space used by the cache and temp files

  • Teat Mode you can see what files and registry entries will be erased before it is really erased.

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