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SpeedUpMyPC 2.0

Developer:LI Utilities Limited
Category:>Utilities » Optimizers & Diagnostics
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Product Information
You've invested a lot of money to get the best hardware. Unfortunately, you might not be taking full advantage of all the speed and power that you paid for. Even the most experienced users have difficulty controlling all the resources and settings on a PC - all the while giving up valuable speed and system stability.

With SpeedUpMyPC, that's all fixed! Now, you can get a faster, cleaner, and safer PC within minutes - without being a Windows expert! SpeedUpMyPC automatically finds the best settings for your PC and carefully controls your system resources to give you the best performance. Easy to use, this award-winning utility has all the features you could ever need to clean up your system, monitor resources, and improve performance.

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Feature Overview

SpeedUpMyPC 2.0 Feature List
Memory Optimization:

Monitor RAM and page file usage in real time.

Free up RAM with a single click or by pressing the RAM recovery quick keys.
Set limits for automatic RAM recovery and page file alerts to avoid running out of resources.
Deep RAM Recovery helps you free up lots of RAM.
Set alarms to notify you when RAM usage exceeds a certain limit.
Monitor RAM usage in real time from the SpeedUpMyPC system tray icon.
CPU Optimization:

Monitor CPU usage for up to one hour with detailed graphs.

Assign more CPU resources to demanding applications such as games and multimedia applications.
Make servers and other tasks run in the background using a minimum of resources.
Automatically assign more resources to Windows in critical situations to prevent crashes.
Monitor CPU usage in real time from the SpeedUpMyPC system tray icon.
Internet Optimization:

Monitor Internet bandwidth usage for up to one hour with detailed graphs.

Optimize your Internet connection settings for maximum performance.
Optimize your browser settings to improve loading times.
Test your Internet connection and detect your current Internet speed at any time.

Monitor bandwidth in real time from the SpeedUpMyPC system tray icon.

Startup Optimization:

Monitor start-up times for every program using the start-up log.

Remove unnecessary background tasks to improve start-up speeds and free up resources.
Get simple explanations for all auto-started programs helping you decide which programs can be removed.
Let SpeedUpMyPC automatically optimize your startup settings.
Anti-crash Features:

Prevent crashes by terminating misbehaving applications instantly.

Restart the Windows shell to recover from system crashes.
Define your own hot keys for activating the crash recovery function at any time.
Popup Blocking:

Block annoying popups while surfing the web.

Log all blocked popups.
Allow specific popups by selecting them from a list.
Disk Usage:

Monitor disk load for up to one hour with detailed graphs.

Monitor disk read and write operations in separate graphs.
Test disk performance easily.
Monitor disk load in real time from the SpeedUpMyPC system tray icon.
Spyware and Security Scanner:

Scan your system for spyware and adware using our detailed process database.

See a list of spyware and adware detected on your system.
Easily remove all detected spyware and adware..
Automatically detect and remove programs that compromise your security. .
Additional Features:

Very intuitive user interface with easy-to-use icons, names, and ToolTips..

Suggestions on actions to take to optimize your system..
Detailed system overview including memory, CPU, and network information..
Automatic load of SpeedUpMyPC at startup.

System Requirements


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
CPU: 400 MHZ
Memory ( RAM ) 32 MB
Disk Space 5 MB

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