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Developer:HHD Software
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Product Information
SafeLaunch is a powerful utility that allows you to execute applications in the security context of any user registered in your system. All you have to do is to register the user within SafeLaunch, choose application to execute and press the "Launch" button!

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  • Application for administrators and advanced users.
    SafeLaunch can be found very useful for administrators and users who always work logged on to the computer as administrators and who sometimes need to execute programs or work with documents received from unsafe locations. You'll find it very comfortable to execute such "unsafe" stuff under some member of the Users local group, maybe even a user, created especially for these tasks - a user with little rights. Without SafeLaunch you usually log off, log on that user and then execute the application. Now, with SafeLaunch, you simply register that user, select the "unsafe" application and press the Launch button!
  • Application for careful administrators.
    There are many people who intentionally work on NT system logged as a simple user, although they actually are single users of the system. They are just careful people - their work can be connected with Internet, large Intranets or LANs and they have to deal with a large amount of different "unknown" and "unsafe" applications and documents. In case such careful user has to install drivers, run system management applications or change system configuration, he has to log off and log back on as an administrator losing all running applications. Now he can register the administrator account within SafeLaunch, clear "Remember password" checkbox for security reasons and replace all that bored operations with a single key-press!
  • Application for programmers.
    Do you write software, which is able to execute on the single machine and maintain different data for each user of that machine? SafeLaunch is the best way to test this application. Log off and log on several hundreds times a day? Move your neighbor's computer closer to yours? Now, with SafeLaunch it's all in the past. All you have to do is to switch tabs in the SafeLaunch main window!
  • Multiple users program installation.
    Imagine you want to install some application, which tunes itself for each user on your machine. Now you just have to switch tabs in SafeLaunch! With new powerful ability of logging different users interactively on several desktops simultaneously, you can even setup visual representations of the desktop for each local user without the need to log off and on several times.


  • Multiple desktop support
    SafeLaunch allows you to log on many users on their own desktops and load their own visual settings simultaneously.
  • Advanced security model
    SafeLaunch never stores clean passwords. Even when you select "Remember password" checkbox, the password is stored encoded.
  • History and Favorites
    SafeLaunch maintains history of launched programs for each registered user as long as a list of Favorites. The list of favorites can be traded between two different users, sorted and edited.
  • Start button emulation
    When you press the Start button situated on the SafeLaunch dialog box, you get an ordinal start menu, but: for selected user!
  • Drag&Drop support
    You can drag a file (or multiple files) onto the SafeLaunch window. They will be immediately launched in the context of the selected user.
  • Explorer context menu launcher
    You can launch files directly from the explorer context menu!
  • Minimizing to tray
    SafeLaunch can be minimized into the tray, thus saving your desktop space. In this form, all SafeLaunch features are available from the popup menu.

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