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Rocket Mania Deluxe

Developer:PopCap Games
Category:>Games » Puzzles
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Product Information
Are you ready for pyrotechnic puzzle action? Twist and turn the fuses to link a burning match to one or more rockets, then watch the sparks fly!

Three game modes: Classic, frantic Arcade with falling fuses which you can drag and slide, and untimed Strategy - a great way to practice your fuse-making skills and set up mega blasts! Booming sounds and gorgeous graphics round out this spectacular show!

More Information
If you enjoyed the free web version, you’ll LOVE the enhanced Rocket Mania Deluxe! Features include:

Awesome 3d-accelerated fireworks effects!
Classic, Arcade and untimed Strategy modes!
Exciting musical score and bone-rattling sound effects!
Play offline, full screen or windowed!
Can you become the Master of Pyrotechnics?

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