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Coding Workshop Polyphonic Wizard

Developer:The Coding Workshop Limited
Category:>Audio » MIDI
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Product Information
Stop Paying Per Ringtone!

Use your PC to add ring tones to your phone

The Wizard is a software program for your PC that allows you to add new polyphonic ringtones, pictures and java midlets to your phone without the need for cables.

More Information
How does the Polyphonic Wizard Work?

The Polyphonic Wizard has been designed to be very easy to use!

All you need is your PC, your phone and the Polyphonic Wizard.   You can then add new ringtones to your phone without 'paying per ringtone'.

Software for your PC - Free trial download

The Wizard is a software program for your PC that allows you to add a ringtone, picture (wallpaper) or Java Midlet (game) to your phone without any additional cables or sms services.

Polyphonic Wizard start-up screen

Polyphonic Wizard start-up screen

The best way to see how the Wizard works is to try the trial version,  its free and allows you to download short ringtones to your phone to see exactly how the software works.

Step by Step Example

As an example,  if you wanted to download a new ringtone to your Samsung mobile or cell phone you would proceed as follows

  1. If you have not done so already,  you need to download the free trial version of the software.
  2. Start the Polyphonic Wizard by clicking on the icon on your desktop.
  3. Select 'Add a Ringtone' from the first screen.  The wizard will then ask you to choose a midi file,
    select the demonstration 'techno.mid' file.
  4. You will then base asked if you want to edit the midi file.  You can trim the file using the easy
    to use trim tool (screenshots),  or you can select the advanced midi editor to edit the file.
    You can of course skip this step completely, and leave the midi file alone!
  5. You will then be asked what sort of phone you have.  In this case we will select Samsung.
    There may be two more options at this stage,  you can choose to remove percussion tracks, and can enhance the volume of the ringtone. 
  6. The Wizard will then do its stuff, trim and convert the midi file as needed for your phone,  and make it available to your phone using your internet connection.  You can then follow the instructions in the software to download the ringtone to your phone using your phones internet,  or wap browser.

Do I need to use WAP?

No,  but it is usually the best way to get a ringtone to your phone,  especially if you do not have cables.

The Polyphonic Wizard will let you use cables, infra red or bluetooth to transfer ringtones as you can simply save the convertered midi file to your PC and send it to your phone by any method you have available.

We recommend WAP as it is available on 98% of phones worldwide,  and is used by the network providers themselves to deliver ringtones to your handset when you use their 'pay per ringtone' services.

Quality Ringtones

Whatever the capability of your phone,  with the Polyphonic Wizard you do not need to have any musical or technical knowledge,  the software takes care of all the details for you.

The software will convert the midi file you select to the highest quality ringtone possible for your phone,  and of course if you dont like the result you can always try again!

Supported Phones

Virtually all makes and models of polyphonic handset are compatible with the Polyphonic Wizard. 

We are adding support for new phones to the software all the time,  for a current list of supported mobile phones please check our supported phones page.

If your phone is not listed try the trial version anyway and select 'other' for your phone type,  the Polyphonic Wizard is able to smart-detect the format most phones use, and will probably work for you even if your phone is not listerd.

What about modern songs and copyright ?

Whilst most modern pop songs are available in midi format,  you should be aware that they may be subject to copyright restrictions. 

The Polyphonic Wizard is a tool which will allow you to add these files to your phone,  but doing so may breach the copyright restrictions imposed by their author,  if in doubt check first.  It is against the terms and conditions of use of the software to download material that may be subject to copyright or other legal restrictions.

Whats the difference between a Ringtone and a Melody ? 

Nothing at all,  its just a different name for the same thing!   

We have started a separate web page on the Ringtone Converter website to discuss the different names ringtones are given, 

Do you have trouble hearing your phone ring ?

Don't worry,  many people do,  especially with polyphonic handsets !  

The Polyphonic Wizard has a specific feature built in to make sure an midi files you use are volume enhanced for mobile cell phones.

If you try to add a midi file that has not been volume enhanced,  the Wizard will ask you if you want to enhance the midi,  or leave it as it.  The choice is yours.

<What about pictures and games - can I add those ?

It depends on your phone.  The Polyphonic Wizard will allow you to add pictures to most makes and models, and games to over 50% of current polyphonic handsets,  so the best thing to do is try the trial version - it costs nothing to give it a go!

What are the limitations of the trial version?

The trial version allows you to add short ringtones to your phone for 14 days.

If you like what you see and would like to add longer ringtones, pictures or games you can register the software online and unlock it immediately.

We have tried to make the trial version as open as possible,  so you can use most functions and really give the software a full test drive.

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