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NETObserve Enterprise

Developer:ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC
Category:>Utilities » Security & Encryption
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Product Information
NETObserve 2.0 is a powerful, discrete remote web based surveillance and administration suite. It includes the ability to monitor Internet chat conversations, websites visited, windows, applications ran, clipboard activity, printed documents, and more. It can also take screen shot shots at set intervals, as well as take pictures from external video devices such as a web cam. All logs are viewable securely from a remote location through a web browser. All logs can also be exported into four different formats, such as HTML, Excel spreadsheets, plain text, or CSV.

Remote web based administration features include: file browsing/sharing, favorite place management, file searching, basic Windows configuration, viewing active Internet connections and open ports with the option to perform an instant WhoIs Lookup on any remote host, view IE image cache, take screen shots/web cam pictures, and more all available from the convenience of your web browser anywhere in the world!

More Information
NETObserve is the award-winning remote web-based surveillance and administration suite. NETObserve allows you to monitor and administrate machines from any location - from your favorite web-browser!

NETObserve: Remotely Record & View...

  • Keystrokes
  • Websites
  • Chat's and IM's
  • Webcam Pictures
  • Applications
  • Windows
  • Passwords
  • Clipboard Content
  • Screen Shots
  • And More!

NETObserve: Remote Administration...

  • Download your files
  • Access Your Favorite Places
  • View open ports and network connections
  • Shutdown/Reboot/Logoff/Lock computer
  • ...and much, much more!

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