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mssqlXpress 10 User Licence

Developer:XPress Apps
Category:>Software Development » Databases & Network
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Product Information
mssqlXpress is the latest full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for MS SQL. This leading edge product:

Integrates Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
Replaces most features of MicrosoftR Query Analyser and MicrosoftR Enterprise Manager
Has lots of the extra features you have been dreaming about
Enables you to develop your databases using a single powerful application.

More Information
mssqlXpress is the latest full-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for MS SQL. You can develop your databases using one powerful application. If you are an MS SQL developer, your life could be a lot easier from now on! THE PROBLEM: MS SQL developers complain about the limited features of Query Analyser and Enterprise Manager: --I can never remember the names of tables, fields and variables. --I have to keep typing the same blocks of code and can't remember where to copy it from. --I had to do a small operation to 50 procedures. Repeating all of the keystrokes really drove me crazy. --It is annoying to have to switch between two applications all the time and only have one editing window! --How can I test this code without damaging the database? --Where can I keep my housekeeping code snippets? --I wiped out a block of code from a procedure last week and wish I still had it. --Using Visual SourceSafe is so tedious that I can't guarantee that my developers will use it every time. Losing version control could be a nightmare. THE SOLUTION: mssqlXpress has an answer for all of these problems: Managing versions: --View and switch back to any version of any object --Instantly connect to Microsoft Visual SourceSafe Creating and testing code: --Execute an object or a block of code from the editor and then undo --Store your informal scripts (code snippets) with the database project --Write procedures without needing to DROP Editing with great time-saving features: --Pick table, field and variable names from 'intellisense' lists as you type --Edit objects using multiple windows --Drag and drop or copy and paste code between windows --Instantly duplicate an object --Insert blocks of code or templates using short names ('Auto-complete') --Record and play back a keyboard macro --Search for text within a database --Building queries visually or with SQL --Editing table structure and data

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