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Keylogger Pro

Developer:ExploreAnywhere Software, LLC
Category:>Internet » Tools & Utilities
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Product Information
Keylogger Pro is an advanced, low level stealth keystroke monitoring application that will secretly record and backup all keystrokes typed (both system keys and regular keys) on your PC. Keylogger Pro offers a wide array of features and options to ensure that it runs exactly to your liking - whether it be tweaking the stealth features, or to configuring the software to automatically clear logs after a certain amount of time. Additional features include the ability to remotely view keystrokes (via e-mail).

Keylogger Pro is perfect for monitoring spouses, children, employee's, or even yourself to keep a safe backup of everything you type on your PC!

More Information
Keylogger Pro
Keylogger Pro is a highly advanced, low level running keystroke logging application that allows you record ALL keystrokes typed (password, chat conversations, e-mails, etc) on your PC in total stealth. Perfect for monitoring children, spouses, employee's, or even yourself for a safe backup of your work!

Keylogger Pro discreetly records...

  • Keystrokes
  • E-Mails Composed
  • Usernames
  • Chat Conversations
  • Passwords
  • Anything else typed!

With Keylogger Pro you can...

  • See what your kids are doing online!
  • Catch a cheating spouse!
  • Record your typed PC activity!
  • Capture passwords, usernames, and more!
  • ...the possibilities are endless

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