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Developer:FlexImage Inc.
Category:>Multimedia & Design » Video
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Product Information
DVD-TO-SVCD is a easy to use software to convert a DVD movie to VCD/SVCD

Just put a DVD disc into the DVD drive,select the Cd writer, click "start" button,you can get the VCD/SVCD in hours.

Super easy to use,with DVD-TO-SVCD,anyone can become a DVD/VCD expert!

Supports all Windows platforms,only a 800K package.

More Information
1. Easy to use . It can convert DVD VIDEO DISC to VCD or SVCD without any complicated setting.

2. Perfect output effect . It can support most brands of CD WRITER and DVD WRITER, and the CD-R/RW can be backed up with perfect quality .

3. Powerful capability of recognition . As all products of FLEXIMAGE Company, DVD-TO-SVCD has preeminent power to decode DVD VIDEO DISC.

4. Excellent effect . The VCD or SVCD made by DVD-TO-SVCD can be played on any VCD/SVCD PLAYER that supports CD-RW, without any skip, out of sync or water mark.

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