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Developer:FlexImage Inc.
Category:>Multimedia & Design » Video
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Product Information
DVD-TO-DVDR is a easy to use software to copy a DVD movie to a DVD+/-R!
Just put the DVD movie into the DVD drive,a blank DVD+/-R into DVD burner, click "start" button,you can get the copy in 1 hour.

Super easy to use,with DVD-TO-DVDR,anyone can become a DVD copy expert!

Supports all Windows platforms,only a 2400KB package.

More Information
quality audio/video effect.The backuped DVD can be almost the same as the original one. Even experts can hardly perceive any differences!

2. Unique compressing technology .
One 4.7G disk is sufficient to backup all data on any ordinary D9 disk.

3. Easy to use.
When you use DVD-TO-DVDR, you won't be bothered with any complicated settings. In most cases, what you need to do is just one CLICK!

4. High speed . In general, a D9 disk can be backuped within 2 hours.

5.Support more than 800 DVD burners. It can burn the DVD movie to not only DVD-R but also DVD+R.

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