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Developer:Aggressive Game Designs
Category:>Games » Action
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Product Information
Blobbos is a fun and fascinating creativity game for children of all ages. Players will enjoy hours of fun breeding and interacting with cute artifical life forms.

Blobbos bounce around the screen, chirping nonsense words, but will quiet down and purr if you pet them. Put two Blobbos in the nest and a new Blobbo will hatch out! Breed blobbos for the color and pattern of their fur, and for what they say.

More Information
Blobbos are simple, happy little pets that come in many different colors and patterns. They love to bounce around and talk!

You can pet your Blobbos, and they'll get sleepy and will even start to purr!

You can breed new Blobbos! Move any two Blobbos to the nesting cage, and a NEW baby Blobbo will be born!

To reduce overcrowding, you can put Blobbos on the rocket ship to Mars, where they can go and play forever. Mars needs Blobbos!


  • Virtual pets that come in many different colors and patterns
  • Blobbos talk!
  • Pick up a blobbo and move it wherever you want
  • Pet your blobbos, and they will fall asleep and purr!
  • Breed blobbos with a real genetic algorithm!
  • Your blobbos can ride the rocketship to Mars!
  • Persistent world is still there after you exit and restart
  • Save individual Blobbos to disk, and share them with friends
  • Fun sounds
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Windows 95/98 DirectX for super-smooth animation
  • 640x480, 16-bit color screens

Design Notes
I played and enjoyed the game Creatures, by Creature Labs. However, when my young niece played it, she quickly became frustrated and upset that the creatures misbehaved, starved, and died.

So I set out to make a 'cute creatures' game for younger kids, but I still wanted to experiment with genetics and breeding. The result is Blobbos, which is lots of fun for younger kids, and sidesteps some of the more mature details like death and starvation.

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