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Instantly Download your copy of DVD Ripper Copy Pro!
No need to wait for a CD by postal mail. Start using it Right Now!

This is a complete guide to creating backups of your DVD movies.
Everything you need to copy DVD's is included with DVD Ripper Copy Pro including
software and step-by-step lessons that show you the exact process of copying
a DVD with your CD Burner.

If you order right now recieve these added bonus's:

Get access to hundreds of DVD covers to print when you buy DVD Ripper Copy Pro!
Print your very own DVD cover when you copy a DVD movie.
If you have a color printer, then you will have full color DVD covers.

BONUS: Game Copy 2002
Will show you how to backup virtually any video game using a CD-R, or CD-RW burner!
We will also show you how these games can be played on your system as well.
Do not be fooled by other fly by night web sites offering outdated information!

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Handy Backup is an easy-to-use yet powerful backup program designed for Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP. It makes an automatic backup of your critical data virtually to any type of storage media: hard or network drive, CD-R/W, FTP or LAN. Special plugins are provided to facilitate the backup of ICQ, system registry and MS Outlook data. Strong file encryption and multichoice zip compression on the fly as well as many other useful features will protect your valuable data. All backup activities are notified into a log file. Detailed online help is available.

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Personal versions of the software by Paragon Technologie GmbH.

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Paragon System Recovery - Easy way to secure your system partition. Completely automatic system partition backup und restore. No technical skills required.

Make backup of system drive completely automatic. Perform completely automatic restoration and begin working in a dozen of minutes. No technical skills required. Paragon System Recovery is a special package of Paragon Hard Disk Management tools, which allows both automatic and manual operating system backup and restore.

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Get prepared now. Protect your data, before it's too late - with WinBackup. The award-winning WinBackup is the difference between a minor inconvenience and a crippling loss. WinBackup has already earned the trust of over 100,000 users. Why don't you join them? Easy-to-use, yet so effective.

Awarded best backup software of 2003 by Computer Shopper, WinBackup is the ultimate Windows security guard for your office, laptop, notebook, and home computer. This software safeguards your files against system failure, hard drive crashes, virus attacks, loss, theft, or user error.

Back up all data in the privacy of your office with a single click, including Outlook Express e-mails, address books, your Internet favorites, and My Documents folder. And you won't have to spend hours on the phone with a technical support person. We guarantee it.

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